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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Pingubot is a small robot based on Pinguino 8 bits. Furri and Bastian designed this board to teach how to drive a robot with Pinguino.

The first PinguBot workshop will take place in the OSHWcon event in Madrid. Unfortunately, there is only 16 participant and registering is already closed.
We hope we will have soon another workshop somewhere in Spain.

Congratulations for this great initiative.

More info:
Pingubot website
OSHWcon website
Furri website


enzo said...


very nice robot!

Is it possible to buy a kit?


furri said...

Hi Enzo.

During and after the workshop some people ask me about buying a kit, so we are planning to make it soon.

Contact with me:


Pyrat said...

Really nice!

Anonymous said...

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