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Friday, October 17, 2008

Release Beta 3.1 for MAC OS X

The Pinguino beta 3.1 is available for MAC OS X and Linux.

A bug was corrected on analogRead and Serial in this release.

download this latest release on

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pinguino beta 3 Windows

How to install Pinguino on Windows:

- download and install Python 2.5.2
- download and install wxpython 2.8
- download and install pyusb
- download and install libusb-win32

sometimes, libusb need to be installed again to work fine.

download the Microchip modified driver on hackinglab
Extract the driver in a new folder.
Connect your pinguino and when windows ask for a driver, select the driver folder.

Download Pinguino Last Release

extract pinguino in a new folder, go to the folder and right click on Pinguino
then click on launch with and select python

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Variables initialisation in Pinguino

/* modified in beta 5 */

Initialisation of variables must be done in the setup() loop instead of head of the program.

In Pinguino you must do this:

int led1;

void setup()

Pinguino do not accept

int led1=1;

We are trying to fix this bug......................

Pinguino beta 3 !!

Pinguino beta 3 is available for Linux and MAC OS X.

Changes in this version:

- support of USB ( see /examples/usb/ )
- better compatibility with arduino for digitalWrite, digitalRead and pinMode

USBmon is a USB terminal made for test with Pinguino. It is available separatly on
USBmon need python USB ( pyusb ).

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pinguino on MAC OS X

Pinguino IDE is based on Python 2.5. This is the step by step procedure to work with it:

- download and install Python 2.5.2 ( )
- download and install WxPython 2.8 ( sourceforge )
- download and install libusb binaries ( MAC OS X 10.4 , MAC OS X 10.5 )

- download Pinguino Last Release

Go to pinguino folder and right click on, open with python launcher 2.5.2.