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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pinguino as a self replicating device !!

Self Replicating Pinguino on a breadboard
Hi Guys,

Self Replication
Self-replication is any process by which a thing will make a copy of itself

Now this is a property of Pinguino. This code allows you to copy the bootloader of your Pinguino in a new blank ( or not ) chip.
I tried it with a 18F2550, i don't know if it works with a 18F4550 but it should works.

What do you need ?
- 3 transistors
- 2 LED
- some resistors
- an external 12Vcc power supply. ( 12Vcc from the computer is OK )

I think i will update this code later to use Pinguino as a real PIC18 programmer.

How many Pinguino child will you build ?


Link to the schematic
Link to the .Pde file

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pinguino Thailand

Yet another member in our community !!
Pinguino Thailand is Online......

This is a very good news, Welcome

Graphic LCD on Pinguino

Marcus, the king of display, made this' arduino compatible' library for Pinguino.
This library, managed by the library user tool of beta 9, can display pictures and text with a lot of different fonts.
I plan to incorporate it in beta 9-02. The development is very fast now and it's time to launch new release more often.

See all Marcus work on his website.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pinguino Windows Installer

Yet another great software from Pinguino Madrid.

Walter made an installer for Pinguino Windows for Beta 9-01.

Try it !!

Pinguino installer beta 9

NEWS from PinguinoVE

Hi Guys,

Today i received a lot of good news from Joan Espinosa. This Venezuelian guy is very active and work around Free software, Free hardware and of course Pinguino. Do you remember that Joan initiated the first version of the multi-langage IDE ?
Now Joan and his team have a lot of projects around Pinguino. They are testing a .deb package and i will give you the link when it will be ready for testing.
PinguinoVE has now its own website:
And this is his Picasa album where you can see the team PinguinoVE:

Nice to have news of you Joan, tell us when this Deb package is ready !!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pinguino XBEE

Walter from Pinguino Madrid built this Pinguino XBEE.
Maybe this is the starting point of our next zigbee module for Pinguino.

Great job walter...

Pinguino Beta 9

Hi Guys,

Pinguino beta 9 is available in the download area.
Many thanks to all the contributors of this new release.

This is a major version with a lot of improvement.
I will write some document to explain how to develop users libraries
( it's easy with beta 9 ) and maybe changes from the last version.

Have fun with this new version.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Sphynx Blog

Sphynx ( Jesus ) built this fantastic servo library for Pinguino. He documented it on the Pinguino wiki and fixed some bugs in the delay function.
See all his work on Pinguino and electronic on his blog.

Thanks Jesus.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pinguino New GUI

This is the new GUI of Pinguino. GUI is finished and i am working on libraries.
Servos library from Sphynx is already available, now working on the sdcc 2.9.0 integration in Pinguino.


Un saludo a ARDE

ARDE is one of the active community in the Pinguino project.
it's a real pleasure discover everyday more and more users and contributors in Spain coming from this very active association.
Thanks to all.
I am happy to continue this great adventure with all those spanish guys.

link to ARDE website.

LCD character Generator

Hi guys,

Marcus built this nice LCD character generator for Pinguino. You can build your own set of character and generate the Pinguino syntax.
Great work Marcus.

See it on Marcus website.