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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pinguino in India

Vijay Anand from india sent us a picture of its Pinguino.

Nice job Vijay.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinguino Eagle

Benoit Espinola designed an eagle version of the simplified 2550.

It will be available soon for download.

JAL with Pinguino

I discovered JAL and tried to make it usable with Pinguino bootloader. It's done !!
How to do this ?

Upgrade your pinguino with bootloader 2.12
Create your program and compile it with JAL ( i use piklab to do this ),
Convert your program with our jal2pinguino converter: ./ jalprog.hex pingprog.hex
Upload your program with

Add the option -loader18 8224 -no-fuse to the JAL command line.

pinguino bootloader 2.12
jal2pinguino converter written with python
vascoboot uploader written with python

The next Pinguino version will both support Arduino langage and JAL.

Thanks to Vasile, Sébastien Lelong and Albert Faber from the jallib group.

Pinguino bootloader version 2.12

A new version of the bootloader is available. Some bugs were removed ( particulary the start delay wich was a little short for windows computer ) and the bootloader is now compatible with JAL with our hex file converter ( see the next post ).

download it here