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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pinguino32X windows

Hi Guys

Now Pinguino32X is available for windows. We worked on a lot of improvement for this release. most of the extended functions for 8 bits systems are documented on the pinguino wiki ( ). For 32 bits Pinguino, this first version support our Pinguino32 compiler built from GCC4.5.2 and newlib.

You can download Pinguino32X windows here.

For 32 bits boards, our 32 bits compiler can be downloaded here.

Most of the code already existing for 8 bit Pinguino can be used on 32 bits ( Serial, CDC, I/O, analog etc... ) with much more power of course ( Pinguino32 is a 80 MIPS machine !! ).

We are waiting your opinion on this new release.

Have fun

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hi Guys,

The last 3 month were dedicated to Pinguino32X development. It's time now to publish the first version of the IDE. What is new in this release ? I didn't write a complete list and we still need to define all the changes. For 8 bits boards, Pinguino is now almost compatible with Arduino language, most of the new features are already detailed in the pinguino wiki ( ).
The major improvement of this release is the support of 32 bits board. You can now use Pinguino on a 80MIPS system. The compiler for this release is available in a separate package. Built from GCC 4.5.2, it is a standard MIPS C compiler. The development team is already working on the C++ version of this compiler with newlib libraries.
Support for some commercial 32 bits board is available:
- EMPEROR460 and EMPEROR795 from EDTP

This board should be available soon, the end user price is around 30€.

I will be in Paris tomorrow at Solution Linux event to show the new board and his development environment. I will present this board on the FEDORA stand, the good news is that Pinguino should be incorporated in a next release of the FEDORA EL package ( EL is Electronic ) and I'm very pleased to publish the new version for this event.

At this moment, Pinguino32X is only available for Linux:
download the new IDE here:
download the Pinguino 32 bits compiler here:
Follow this link to configure the IDE for 32 bits board:

Have fun

Main developpers of Pinguino32X:
Regis Blanchot
Marcus Fazzi
Jesus Carmona Esteban