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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pinguino IRC channel

Pinguino has its own IRC channel on Freenode. Channel is Pinguino.
Thanks to Alejo from Locus Sonus lab.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pinguino with 18F4550

This is my first test of Pinguino with a 18F4550.

What are the differences with the 18F2550 version:
- 30 digital input/output, 13 input can be used as analogic input
- 470 resistors suppressed on the outputs,
- Run switch was suppressed, run is automatic after 5 seconds,
- Run can be manually controlled with a switch,
Processor will be defined in the IDE by a radio button or #define directive in the code.

The new bootloader will be compatible with the 18F2550 board version 1.
The development environment will be compatible with all software already written.

This modifications will be integrated in the beta 6 version. This version should be available april 30th. Other improvements in this version are:
- full support of UTF8 in the source, comments can be redacted in many langage.
- corrected some bugs in comments ( keywords are not accepted in comments for beta 5 ).
- case sensitive help in the editor.