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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Campus Party Valencia

As usual, Campus Party is a great event !!
After a quick presentation of Pinguino, we started a "network with sensors" workshop. The goal is to establish communication with sensors beetween PIC32-PINGUINO boards. Light, laser, zigbee, serial and interfacing with a WRT54GL for link with the net.
Fortunately, Boops is with us. He designed a shield for Pinguino 32 with 4 IR LED as transmitter and 2 IR Demodulator as receiver.

As Pinguino IDE is still an experimental version, the first day has been devoted to installation ( windows and Linux ). The second day, we started to test IR transmission and reception. Today, we will design our 'sensor network' and establish a common protocol.
Benoit is writing a processing application to monitor communication of modules.

Campus Party is a good way to speak about this project, exchange idea, share knowledge and more......
Now I must go to listen and Android application development conference. Yet another interesting subject for Pinguino !!

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