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Sunday, June 12, 2011

PIC32-PINGUINO Power Supply

I want to build a Temperature sensor powered by a solar panel. I made some test to define the comsuption of Pinguino 32 in different configuration:

First configuration:
Pinguino 32 is powered by its power connector with a 9 Vdc power supply.

The current is about 80 mA on the power supply. Power input is 0,72 Watt.

Second configuration:
Pinguino 32 is powered by its LiPo charger connector ( as it could be with a battery ).

Now the current is about 90 mA. Power input is about 0,324 Watt.
All the tests were done with a clock frequency of 80 Mhz. Then I decided to swith the clock frequency to 40 Mhz and now the current is about 60 mA with 3,6V ( 0,216 Watts ).

Now, just have to find the good solar panel.........

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