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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year 2011 !!

Hi Guys,

2010 was a very good year for Pinguino and it's a pleasure to see how this project evolve. I remember the first version, it is not so far, and I am pleased to see that the beta 9-05, even if it is not perfect, is a working version and help to build many different things. This job was done with many contributions, reports and ideas. Each user, in its own way, is a contributor and help to make this tool more friendly and powerful.
I announced, a long time ago, Pinguino could be ported to 32 bits Microchip micro-controller, and now it's done. This feature don't stop the 8 bits development, but it's a new major improvement for this platform. I think 2011 should be again a good year for Pinguino.
Many thanks to you, guys.
I wish you a fantastic year, keep cool and stay connected with us.....
And if you are a new user, Welcome !!

PinguinoX Preview


robertoponti said...

Hi! Happy new year to you all!
I have just find Pinguino on the net, by chance, and it just happen to be what I was looking for few days ago. I'm impressed with the work done so far in this Pinguino project. I have always dreamed working along such a project...
Since I'm quite new to this project, I wold like to know if it will work with the microchip DM320001 board (PIC32MX Starter Kit).
Thanks, and congratulations!

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

Hi !!
Thanks for your feedback, I hope Pinguino will be a motivation for you to start many new projects.
We didn't tested yet Pinguino32X on Microchip starter kit. Pinguino32X is developed with UBW32 boards and Emperor 460 boards. I think it's not a real problem to port it on Microchip boards as soon as it will be ready to publish.
Keep contact with the group to know the latest improvement.
Have fun. JP