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Monday, August 16, 2010

Sphynx Blog

Sphynx ( Jesus ) built this fantastic servo library for Pinguino. He documented it on the Pinguino wiki and fixed some bugs in the delay function.
See all his work on Pinguino and electronic on his blog.

Thanks Jesus.


Juan Marcano said...

hi, im working with a robot arm with 3 degrees of freedom. it has 3 RC servos and 3 DC motors, i builded H bridges (l298) for each DC motor. now ....i need 3 pwm signals(0 to 100% duty cycle) and 3 PWM signasl for RC servos. In ur u think i can do all this with the pinguino? im building one (18f2550). But maybe i can use it in the robot arm project. Or maybe i should use another PIC with more pwm ouputs? i dont know..... im finishing my Pinguino..COOL i really like this project

Anonymous said...

Hi Juan, about servo control you won't have problems if you use pinguino for your project. Regarding PWM generators 18F2550 counts with two CCP (Capture/Compare/PWM) modules. Each module contains a 16-bit register, which can operate as a 16-bit Capture register, a 16-bit Compare register or a PWM
Master/Slave Duty Cycle register.
But I don't now if there is any additional library that enhances that PWM capability.

Greetings, Sphinx.