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Monday, August 23, 2010

Pinguino Beta 9

Hi Guys,

Pinguino beta 9 is available in the download area.
Many thanks to all the contributors of this new release.

This is a major version with a lot of improvement.
I will write some document to explain how to develop users libraries
( it's easy with beta 9 ) and maybe changes from the last version.

Have fun with this new version.



Anonymous said...

I was using vers 8.
I've extracted the vers 9 and try to start the .py file...
the Python shell windows appear a short time (with some lines that I haven't time to read) and shut off

Anonymous said...

problem extracting tar.gz (windows port) :
sub dirs doesn't extract

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

ok thanks for info.

I will change the windows file to a ZIP file.