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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pinguino Venezuela

Joan Espinoza started a great project to develop Pinguino in Venezuela. This is the link to the Website.

Joan presented his project during the DevCamp event in february 2010.

His goal is to develop and promote Pinguino project for electronics, programmers and students in Venezuela. This community offer help to incorporate a multi-support language for the Pinguino IDE.

Thanks Joan and all Venezuelan users, this is yet another initiative to expand use of Pinguino and make it simpler for everyone.

PinguinoVE on twitter.
PinguinoVE website.

1 comment:

Joan Espinoza - PingüinoVE said...

Thank you very much Mr. Jean Pierre by the publication of this note and your commentaries.

It is good for knowing that you have received our initiative with great affability.

I am certainly, we will make many good things by and for the project, especially, making pingüino available and accessible for Venezuelan ... and Latin American people.