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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pinguino Eagle

Benoit Espinola designed an eagle version of the simplified 2550.

It will be available soon for download.


funlw65 said...

Merry Christmas Jean-Pierre!

Here are photos from my home:

wilfried said...

Hi Jean Pierre

This would be very interesting, so we can all make some mods when required.

best 2010
South Africa

Novorado Moscow said...

Great job people. 18F*550 is my favorite hobby mc.

Ubanov said...

hi Jean-Pierre

In the page it's available a pinguino designed in eagle.

In my blog I have wrote three articles about pinguino (in spanish), but may be they could be interesting for anyone. The URL of the blog it's, and the articles are:
- My first experience with pinguino (
- A pinguino board controlling led lights (
- A pinguino controlling up to 8 servos (

The code of the two projects it's available in the blog. Both of them are based in your code to enable the timer1 interrupt.

If you want you can use any of these source codes in your pages without problem.