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Monday, September 14, 2009

Virtual Pinguino

Walter from madrid works on a virtual pinguino model with ISIS on windows.
The bootloader works and Pinguino IDE can recognize the module as a real board. There is only a problem of speed when trying to download the code.
We will try to fix this.

Good idea and good job.......


Ulises said...

How are you?

It is a big contribution for all of us. I have a question, is it the pinguino running at full speed usb 2.0? and can we use a 48Mhz crystal to improve the program execution ?

Than you

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

Hi Ulises,

Pinguino is running at full speed USB 2.0. I works with a clock frequency of 48 Mhz, it use the multiplier of the PIC.
The max crystal frequency of the PIC is 20 Mhz.
You can see this on the 18F4XXX datasheet
DS39632D-page 29


diehal said...

How are you?

This is a big contribution, can i download this very great Software ?

Thank yo

Anunakin said...

Where we can download this project to test on ISIS?