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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tiny 4550 on a proto-board

This is the last design of tiny pinguino 4550 on a proto-board.

It was drawn with Inkscape:

You must cut the tracks marked with a red point.
I used this home made tool to do this:

Now you can sold components and wires. The 18F4550 must be mounted on a suport.

This version offers the same functionalities as the PCB version.

The booloader V2 must be used with this design.

Last upgrade 29/09/2009: Cutting points were modified, thanks to André.


kristianpaul said...

hey thanks, is very hellpfull, i was about to think how do it, and i found your post :-)

now that i got my 18f4550, soon i'll make it

chao !

Bruno said...

Hi, this layout works with 2550?


gregg said...

I do not understand this, I've looked at this design forever but the 2 red cut dots, (2, 3) and ( 2,6 ) do not seem to go with anything, could you please show the proto-board you're using meaning how the grid lines are placed and where the cuts would go in coordinance, IT would look good if you could also put the components on partially transparent so everything can be seen and line up.