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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pinguino32X pinout

This is the first pinout for Pinguino 32 bits. The digitalw.c library is in progress.
74 I/O on this board !!


Ulises said...

Wich lenguaje would be use to compile?

Is it C32?

If so that would bring us a lot of libraries.

And does it would use a aserial bootloader or already exist a pic32-low cost-programer?


Alexis -Pax- Sanchez said...

The pic PIC32MX360F512, have 2 UART PORT, Two I2C, u planning enable all features in this board???

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

Of course Alexis, the goal is to implement all the peripheral of this board in Pinguino. A smaller board should be announced soon with a 32MX440F256H and should be a very good news for all the users. We are working hard to publish Pinguino32X end of february.
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