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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pinguino Workshop in Campus Party Valencia

Benoit will animate a workshop with Pinguino in Campus Party Valencia. The theme of this workshop is 'Home Hacking and Pinguino'. We will show how to hack a Linksys router (WRT54GL), connect it to Pinguino with a simple level converter and drive it with LUA and our new libezV24 binding for LUA.
Campus Party is a great event and a nice place to show what is possible. All the contributions will be welcomed.

Benoit website
Campus Party website


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Is the code for boot loader also open-source ?

Anonymous said...

I built 2 18f2550 based pinguinos and I would like to know if and how I can upload a firmware compiled with HI-TECH picc 18 to one of them...
Thanks for the help and congrats for the great project!

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...


I never used HI-TECH compiler with Pinguino. At this moment, only sdcc and JAL documentation and tools are available for Pinguino.