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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LUA USB terminal

Yet another small software to check USB communication with Pinguino.
I wrote this command line tool for Linux to test USB communication. It can be used as a serial terminal to check process value or text sent from and to Pinguino.
Originally, it shall be made with Python, but due to a problem with Python thread and Libusb, i tested it with LUA, and it works !!
It can be used both on a computer or on an embedded system ( FONERA 2 for example ).

Everything to install and use it is explained on the tutorial website in a new tools chapter.


Jose Luis said...

I've just tested it!
It's great!
So, would be it possible to read the values of a potenciometer with this LUA application?

Anonymous said...

The PIC 18F4550 works great! I cant get the PIC 18F2550 to be happy when I connect to a PC. It give a error with the USB not being correct. Is there a difference in the bootloader or did I miss something else in a difference between the 2 devices? Thanks so much, Jim.

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