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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still in Madrid :-)

I'm still in Campus Party today. All flights are cancelled from Madrid to Marseille, so i take this time to post on the blog.
Campus Party is a really nice event. I met a lot of people, some of them are Pinguino users and it's a chance to work with them for those 4 days. Others are just curious about our project, i tried to explain what are the differences beetween this project and Arduino and what are the advantages.
I received a nice Pinguino from Javi who is one of the ARDE Pinguino designer. I spent most of my time to interface LUA and Pinguino and speak with Paco (Furri) who is a very enthusiast user.
I never participated in a so big event in the past, but the Campus Party organisation is very professional and everything is done to let you spend your time to speak and exchange with people.
I will like that events like this one exist in France.
You can see some of the pictures of Campus Party and Madrid here.

So, thanks to everybody and congratulations to Campus Party.

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funlw65 said...

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thanks for sharing with us. Nice place there and I really like the "working area" - with wrapped hardware everywhere,