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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pinguino beta 6

Pinguino beta 6 is available for download.
Thanks to Ulises for MAC OSX test.

- corrected bug on comment in source (UTF8)
- added function CTRL-ESC to see special functions in editor
- implementation of I2C function ( see examples )
- implementation of eeprom PIC memory function ( see examples )
- Support of 4800 bauds for Serial


jerome said...

when try to open a file, got this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/jerome/Desktop/pinguino beta6 linux/", line 212, in Open
self.editor.Open("Pde Files","pde",
File "/home/jerome/Desktop/pinguino beta6 linux/", line 109, in Open
AttributeError: 'editeur' object has no attribute 'Parent'

Not invertigate more

funlw65 said...

This release contain the old firmware, or the new one without start button?

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...


This error is due to the wx-python version.
Install wx-python 2.8 and it should be OK.

It's still the old firmware, i am working on the new firmware without run button.

walter said...

IS a LIVE!!!!
the beta 6 for mac osx is working perfectly...
I uploaded one video to youtube...
I test it... in two equipment...
a DESKTOP INtel with MAC osx AND into one ACER ASPIRE ONE with hackintosh.. MAC OSX 10.5.6 and in these cases... all work perfectly...
the youtube link..

I will wait the beta 7 with 18f4550 support.


Ubanov said...

could you update the page with the correct versions? (at the end it's the first page that appears searching). In the download directory appears a beta 7 version, why there it's no article about this one? it's unestable?

Thanks in advance