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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pinguino with 18F4550

This is my first test of Pinguino with a 18F4550.

What are the differences with the 18F2550 version:
- 30 digital input/output, 13 input can be used as analogic input
- 470 resistors suppressed on the outputs,
- Run switch was suppressed, run is automatic after 5 seconds,
- Run can be manually controlled with a switch,
Processor will be defined in the IDE by a radio button or #define directive in the code.

The new bootloader will be compatible with the 18F2550 board version 1.
The development environment will be compatible with all software already written.

This modifications will be integrated in the beta 6 version. This version should be available april 30th. Other improvements in this version are:
- full support of UTF8 in the source, comments can be redacted in many langage.
- corrected some bugs in comments ( keywords are not accepted in comments for beta 5 ).
- case sensitive help in the editor.


JN said...

Yo ! bravo

mike said...

This is a really cool project. I always wished the ARduino chip would have native USB support and therefore making it easier to take the chip out and use in your own custom embedded project. This might just be the answer!!

Anonymous said...

¿Any news about this?

Anonymous said...


Jean-Pierre MANDON said...


Don't worry, project is not stopped. I work on the new beta version and the documentation. Hard work !!
Some news will come soon and a lot of example to describe communication beetween Pinguino and Python, Lua on embedded systems and many other langage.
Keep cool !!


Forrest Higgs said...

A friend in New Zealand put me onto your blog. This is brilliant work!. I've been working with the 18F4550 for some years and just love it.

Is there any chance that I could get a look at the source code for your bootloader? I'm assuming that you use the USB port instead of the serial port for bootloading. Is that correct?

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...


Of course you can get a look to the bootloader code. It is based on the Vasco project and use USB.

Send me an email to jp.mandon at gmail dot com

i will return the whole project.

funlw65 said...

And you will upgrade sdcc to 2.9.0 ?

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

Yes, of course.
First job is to launch beta 6 with I2C and many new features. Then i will upgrade to sdcc 2.9.0 and build a first version with PIC32 and GCC.

Beta 6 is ready, just have to find somebody to test it on MAC OSX because i can't have access to a MAC until october.


Congratulations for the project.
When will it be available?
I already have some PIC18F4550 to use it

walter said...

Hi... I will be beta tester... I have the old PINGUIN working in one 18f2550, and I have ready now my 18f4550 in protoboard, and MAC OSx equipment too
If you want some help with the test.. please contact to me...
walterleonardo at gmail dot com...


pepe said...


¿More information about this? Images, schemes, components...

¿Alguien tiene mas informacion sobre el desarrollo pinguino con el 18f4550? Con unos esquemas generales seria suficiente

pakohuelva @ gmail com

funlw65 said...

Unfortunately, I don't have yet the hardware (18f2550 or 4550) for testing.

I'm trying to fit a 18f2550 in an Arduino board (Freeduino exactly). I want to use the same design for shield sockets. The design in Eagle is almost ready. Only to place the reset button (but no room for start button). The "AREF" and digital pin nr.13 (LED) from shield sockets will remain unconnected (no pins available from pic).

When it will be ready (at design level) I will post here an address to take a look at it! In my opinion, is the best fit regarding to Arduino shield compatibility (even if pcb traces are horrible :P ).

funlw65 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


I have not tested the Pinguino, because here I have no PIC18F2550 available.
The Pinguino with the PIC18F4550 interests me because I have some microcontrollers here.
I look at when making the tests and the project is released.

funlw65 said...

Here is my trial.

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

Hi everybody,

Thanks for your interest for Pinguino. It seems that it is necessary now to work on the 18F4550 version :-) it's not a big job and i will try to test the beta 7 with 4550 support at the beginning of September.
funlw65: i seen your board and it look like a real arduino :-) good idea to use the same shield for the both project. Can you send me a schematic of the board, i will see how make pinguino compatible with your board. The start button is not a problem, it will disappear in the next version of Pinguino.A lot of users prefer to have an auto run function in the bootloader.


This project is very interesting.
I believe that using an Arduino microcontroller with USB support is already an excellent idea.
I will await the completion of the version for PIC18f4550.
Thank you and congratulations for the project.

funlw65 said...

Thank you!
In a day or two I will send you a schematic! Great :) !

niti said...

i cant find file application from pinguinobeta8osx to open IDE, i cant use in macosx

how can i fix it?

thank you

walii said...

you have all here...

and the application file... like you say... is and you execute it with python
you need install python and wxpython...
and run in console