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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Unstable Pinguino beta 2 OSX available

The unstable beta 2 is available with analog functions !!

Beta 3 will be soon available with USB implementation. A python script will be used as an OSC server to insure communication with pure data ord processing.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've heard about this project in the list of HackArena HackLab (it's a hacklab in Seville, Spain).

Next week I'll make a board to test and try to submit possible bugs. I'd like to see more project like this. I'll try to help as much as I can.

Keep hard working!

Jean-Pierre MANDON said...

Thanks for your help.
We are working on a best version for MAC OS X, it seems that pinguino doesn't work on 10.4. There is now a 10.4 version for powerpc.
The beta 3 is ready with full support of USB in the pinguino langage ( USB.available, USB.send, USB.rx[] ), it will be soon available.
Contributions and bugs report are welcome. You can write to jp.mandon at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have a GNU/Linux && MacOS X 10.5 PowerPC and GNU/Linux && Windows Intel procesor, so I can test both. First I'll make the board and after I'll check all the sorce to get familiar with this.

See you.